How do rewards work?

We want our customers and their dogs to feel like family. That’s why we offer two rewards programs: Family Member Points and referrals. The more you visit us, the more you can earn!

In both programs, you earn Family Member Points. These never expire and can be used on any service. You can rack up points just by utilizing the services you love and by sharing your great experience with friends and family.

Family Member Points

We think you should save money the more you use a service. Every time you use our services at Hound Playground, 10% goes straight back to you and your pup!

For every $1 you spend with us, you’ll earn 2 Family Member Points (excluding packages. No points are earned through package purchases). Gather enough Family Member Points and you can use them to purchase other services.

20 Family Member Points covers $1 of services. So, if you pay $20 for a big dog bath, you’ll earn 40 points. Once you pay for 10 baths (400 points), you’ll earn a free bath.

Family Member Points never expire and can be used on any service (excluding packages). Use the services you already love, gather points as you spend, and earn free services for your dog!

Referral Program

In addition to earning 10% back in loyalty rewards, you can participate in our referral program by spreading the word about the services you love. If you invite a new member and they join our family, you’ll be awarded 400 Family Member Points (a $20 value). The new member will also receive 400 points!

Referral points are earned when a new member makes their first service transaction. There’s no limit to the number of new members you can refer, so spread the word!

Referral Program

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